Where it all began...

Desjardins Jewelers was founded by Ernest Desjardins in 1895. Its first location was on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Cabot Street in downtown Beverly. The business began exclusively as a watch and clock repair shop. The business was then passed on to his son, Henry L. Desjardins. He expanded the business into a jewelry, clock, watch and small appliance store. Located on Cabot Street in the Gas-Electric building which was later torn down and is the present home of the First Baptist Church. The business then moved across the street to 214 Cabot in the late 60's.  Henry's children, Paul and Joan, ran the business until the late 80's continuing to serve the community and constantly acquiring new and innovative jewelry and giftware.

Moving forward...

Upon their retirement and to the current time their children, Kim D. Mannetta and Suzanne M. Colanto have run the jewelry business and continued its legacy. In 2006 Desjardins Jewelers moved to its new location. The Commodore Plaza , 47 Enon Street in Beverly. We are proud to announce that we now have two fifth generation family members working with us, Ashley R. Irving and Alexandra Mannetta.  

For over a century five generations of Desjardins Family have worked with pride for the Beverly Community and its neighboring communities. Desjardins Jewelers is constantly striving to help create your special memory. Taking pride in its craftsmanship, integrity, and quality. We hope you too will become one of our many loyal customers. We welcome you to join us continuing our family tradition.


Regional Gold 2011

Silver 2012

Gold 2013, 2014, 2015
#1 Jewelry Store in Beverly  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015